Bridget Kelly Gives Everyone Happiness, Hope, On Emotional New Single, Happy For Me

At a time when everyone needs happiness and hope with all the craziness going on in the world, very beautifully talented and amazing singer/songwriter, Bridget Kelly, is in a happy place and shares it through her music on her very emotional new single, Happy For Me.

A record where the songstress over a slow acoustic guitar sings about a relationship that didn’t work out and how she hopes her former man, will allow her to be happy.  As she also looks forward to her future.

On the very emotional new song, Kelly is really able to show off her very soft and amazingly angelic vocals too.  With the record also coming at the perfect time to bring hope, happiness and joy to not only herself, but so many others who really need it at such a crazy time many are going through right now.  Which I’m sure was not Bridget’s intent when she first recorded it, but with how powerful and life changing music can be at times, that just so happened to be what ended up happening.


So if you needed the perfect lift me up in a time of need, be sure to listen right now and help spread that positivity, hope, happiness and joy to anybody else you know really needs it right now.