New Artist Spotlight – Young Devyn with Baby Goat

A fiery flow with the hunger, confidence and bravado of a veteran. To go with straight to the point bravado raps and a fun, but still masterful lyrical presence behind the mic. That’s reminiscent of fellow New York rapper’s like Nicki Minaj and the late great, Pop Smoke. That is how you can best describe Brooklyn-bred artist, Young Devyn. Who recently signed with iconic label, 4th & Broadway. Devyn is mine and the rest of the team here at TheHipHopDemocrat latest artist. We our highlighting in our always very popular New Artist Spotlight feature. As well as the first one we have highlighted this year.

Delivering her debut EP, Baby Goat, today. Devyn’s EP encompasses all those things. While also showing off her versatility as not only a rapper, but an R&B and Soca artist as well. Records like, Secret and Entagle. Showing off the Soca sounds of her Trinidadian roots she first started out with at eight-years-old before transitioning to both Rap and R&B. Secret, a very smooth record with a Soca instrumental that let’s Devyn show off her great songwriting abilities and smooth lyrics, as well as voice. As she sings about a new secret love she’s trying to navigate in her life.

The second half of the EP with records like, Entagle and Time Away. Showing the true versatility and great songwriting of Devyn. As she sings very relatable lyrics. While also marrying the great sounds of both her Soca-raps with her very smooth R&B harmonies and voice. That shows why we think she has the talent. As one of the next artist’s to watch that can be around for years to come. The only question being can she truly grow into being an artist that will be able to do so or just eventually fizzle out like so many others before her.