J.I.D Drops Absolutely Insane, Bruuuh Remix feat. Denzel Curry

When it comes to some of the dopest and illest flows, as well as lyricists in all of Hip-Hop right now. Dreamville Records and Spillage Village rep, J.I.D is definitely near the top.

His oft-delayed and highly-anticipated remix for his Willie D-produced 2017 loosie track, Bruuuh. That features Denzel Curry and was finally released today. Just another example of why. With such standout lyrics as, “Close the casket, common the courtesy, hey. Headshots too personal for a burglary. Ooh. Red dots cause killers could close curtains me. I done did wrong, someone send me up vertically. Horizontally, read me a passage from Deuteronomy. Anything you can do to conquer the demon inside of me. Any meaning the truth and the father, the spirit guided me.”

This lyrically insane display also really showing off his super insane flow too. While also showing the undeniably great chemistry between J.I.D and Curry. With the latter’s very energetic and fiery guest verse to close out the track flowing so seamlessly and effortless together with J.I.D.