Benny The Butcher & Black Soprano Family Debut Cinematic Aesthetically Old School Gangster Like Video, For New Single, It’s Over

Benny the Butcher and his Black Soprano Family of Rick Hyde and Heem are getting set for their first major release. With their new DJ Drama hosted Gangsta Grillz mixtape, The Respected Sopranos. Set for release exactly a week from today on July 31st.

Benny, who is still riding the wave of the Griselda movement. Is capitalizing and using the moment to formerly introduce his B$F aka Black Soprano Family to the world with the upcoming highly-anticipated new release.

Already releasing the single, Da Mob. The Butcher, Rick Hyde and Heem are back at it again with their very soulful new Don Cannon-produced single, It’s Over. That finds all three emcees spitting about how real they ran the streets. That transitioned to them now trying to take over the Rap game. With Benny’s verse of, “Every house on my block was hot till I moved off it. Like Drew Brees, I took the league with a few tosses. New charges. It ain’t over though. It’s just beginning. I’m Curt Schilling looking from the dugout. Going for extra innings. I turned my hobby to a separate business. Sick of those detective visits.” Showing why he’s among the best emcees in the game right now.

If Benny and his B$F Family releasing the new single wasn’t already enough. They also on the heels of debuting the single yesterday, premiere today, the very cinematically old school gangster-like, The Wizard-directed video. Which has that very old school and gangster cowboy like aesthetic from the Great Depression. Which sees Benny chilling in the backseat, while Rick and Heem ride shotgun through the streets in their old school vintage car. The three respected sopranos manning the fort of their stash house with their Thompson submachine guns. While also running a game of cards with their fellow gangsters. You will respect their gangster.