H.E.R. Brings All The Feel-Good Vibes With Debut TV Performance, Of New Single, Do To Me, On The Tonight Show

2020 has been quite the trying year for many. Due to the virus, global pandemic and all the racist actions of police brutality and such. Which has lead to several protests as well. One thing that has kept people somewhat sane and giving them some type of joy, healing and therapy through it all though. Just like it has many times throughout history in trying and crazy difficult times as this. Is music.

With rising singer and songwriter, as well as guitarist, H.E.R. One of the bright spots through it all. Who despite everything going on, has had quite the stellar 2020 and first year of the new decade. Which has found H.E.R. release five new singles and even be featured on standout singles from Jhené Aiko with B.S., as well as WizKid with Smile. Not to mention start her very popular, Girls with Guitars, series on her Instagram Live. Where she performs live and also has fellow artists/musicians she has come on her live to sing and play guitar. That she highlights and people may not already know. Originally just women. It has expanded to include some guys and even rappers, every so often as well.

Looking to expand on her stellar year. The singer, who is one of our current favorites has heavily promoted her recently released singles, I Can’t Breath and Do to Me. With videos and performances as well. Doing mostly virtual and or living room type performances, like so many other artists have had to adjust to doing as well. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions. So many of them have been faced with.

H.E.R. dressed in a colorful outfit and her trademark glasses. Actually hit the famous Studio 6B stage in New York last night (July 23rd) for her debut live TV performance of her newest single, Do to Me. As one of the first live performances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon since the pandemic hit. With Fallon the first late night talk show host to return to his studio for new shows since the pandemic as well.

The singer bringing some much needed feel-good vibes and color to the studio. With her very stellar and colorfully feel-good performance. As she dirty wine and sing the very feel-good lyrics of her Reggae-infused single and Summer anthem.