Chicago’s Very Own Kosine Releases Inspiring & Uplifting New Single, Kings feat. Idris Elba

With all we are all going through right now. It’s the perfect time for Chicago’s very own multi-nominated Grammy Award-nominated producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, personality, actor, and co-founder of Da Internz, Kosine. To release his debut single as an artist with, Kings.

That finds Kosine over the cinematic strings, airy horns, lilting guitar, and echoing beats, immediately take hold with his raw emotion and vocals before a chantable chorus lifts off. As he claims, Kings are falling everyday, but kings are rising just the same before dipping into his very energetic rhymes. While A-list actor Idris Elba delivers a show-stopping spoken word cameo. With the accompanying music video brings this energy to life in such vivid fashion.

“Covid 19 has made me take a complete step back in life and just tap into overall humanity. There’s a pandemic going on outside and we need to be there for each other in ways that we’ve never been before. It’s a very selfless & reflective season for us to see what God is trying to tell us right now. I’m praying for all of those on the frontline who are living testimonies of true bravery,” said Kosine in a statement about the record.

With most importantly, a portion of the proceeds from, Kings, benefiting MusiCares in its fight against COVID-19.

This record really hitting home even more for me now with a lot of what my family is going through at the moment too.