Kehlani Debuts New Quarantine Style Video For, Open (Passionate), Releases Highly-Anticipated Sophomore Album, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t

Fresh off releasing her very highly-anticipated sophomore album, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, today. Very beautifully gorgeous singer and songwriter, Kehlani, also premieres today in conjunction with the release of the album, the quarantine style self-directed video for Open (Passionate).

That finds the Bay Area rep that has made several headlines for several things outside of music as well the past few months. Once again sharing a, Hyphy Williamz (née, Kehlani) self-directed quarantine style, video. Just like her previously released visuals from the album so far.

As the new clip opens with Kehlani chillin’ in just a shimmering one-piece silver bikini in her jacuzzi in her backyard with a bottle of mimosa, as she sings the very open and real lyrics. Before then donning an orange dress and riding off solo in her Buick to the desert. Where Kehlani then shows off her very thick figure in a somewhat revealing black dress coat with a matching black bra and brown Louis Vuitton head wrap.

About midway through the clip, the now Los Angeles residing, but originally from Bay Area native is seen in a grey and orange bomber jacket and matching pants. Along with her very popping lip gloss singing the very passionate lyrics, as Kehlani chills and smokes away in her car. A very simple, yet amazing visual considering with the pandemic and craziness everyone has been going through. Making videos like this obviously much more comprehendible and obviously standard affair.