Snoop Dogg Looks Back At Classic Death Row Days, In New Video, Let Bygones Be Bygones

Nearly a month after dropping his second single, Let Bygones Be Bygones, from his recently released 17th solo album, I Wanna Thank Me, Snoop Dogg is back with the accompanying Dah Dah-directed video.  One of the most emotionally introspective and reflective tracks not only on the album, but of Snoop’s career.

Released as an ode to make amends and pay homage to his former Death Row Records boss, Suge Knight and reflect about his time on Death Row and all the legendary and iconic stuff he did to help bring him and the label to the top.  It should be no surprise that the just as reflective and emotional new visual finds the former Death Row Records artist reflecting on his time with the label with old and new footage of his days at the storied label.  As well as current updated footage from his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony and time from him in the studio with other former Death Row Records labelmates throughout the new clip.  While also helping to set the record straight on how he and several other artists previously affiliated with Death Row or currently affiliated with Snoop really truly feel about Suge and Snoop’s time on Death Row.