Snoop Dogg Is Able To, Lets Bygones Be Bygones, On Emotionally Introspective & Reflective New Single

Snoop Dogg has been sounding some of the best he has in a while with his latest singles he has been dropping from his soon to be released upcoming highly-anticipated 17th solo album, I Wanna Thank Me.  Which is dropping in a little over a week and a half on Aug. 16th.

Today for his latest single that’s no different either, as the Doggfather, just as the title suggests is able to, let bygones be bygones, on the appropriately titled, Let Bygones Be Bygones.  A very introspective and reflectively emotional track that finds Snoop over the soulfully smooth and just as emotionally reflective sounds of the Fredwreck-produced track showing off his great storytelling.  As he makes amends and pays homage to his former Death Row Records boss, Suge Knight and reflects about his time on Death Row and all the legendary and iconic stuff he did to help bring him and the label to the top.

While also reflecting on how it helped shape him into the current iconic figure and living legend he has become, which lead to him getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Snoop keeps it 100 on how he has matured and made his amends with Suge.  Rapping, “So through the ups and the downs.  Real ones know to not kick n***as when they’re down.  Especially when was down, that n***a (Suge) picked n***as up.  Gang bang on NY stages, hit n***as up.  Y’all remember that, yeah he did some bullsh**, I’m admitting that.  But coming at a real crip, like he ain’t one.  Especially when he helped make one.  On the dead homies I was at the motherfvcking top when I hit my n***a up and told him, you need to grab Pac.”  Also adding, “Dre rich, Nate gone and Ricky too.  And look at me s*** I’m bout to turn 50 soon.  You always said I’d be a star in the game.  Now I gotta star on the fvcking Walk of Fame.  I hopped out, C-walked on my star on the fvcking Walk of Fame in that Death Row chain.”