Snoop Dogg Is Back On His G Ish In New Video, Countdown feat. Swizz Beatz

Snoop Dogg takes it back to the old school classic G ish in the new Deon Taylor-directed video for his new single, Countdown.  The new Westcoast banger featuring and produced by Swizz Beatz has that classic old school 90’s Westcoast G-Funk sound.  With Snoop rocking his classic blue Crip colors, as well as Swizz too and letting their flag hang from the left side along the classic bouncing chrome hydraulics of their souped up Chevy’s.

Snoop raps his hard-hitting verses about coming up in the West and the Crip lifestyle he grew up in.  While the homies chill with Snoop and Swizzy, before they later pull up in a Rolls Royce to a set full of ladies before wilding out on a school bus with the legendary Tommy the Clown and his Krumpers, showing off their legendary Krumping style.

Snoop himself also in a skeleton disguise as he really brings that classic Westcoast 90’s feel for all of aspects of both the new visual and single. Which he’s really seems to be doing with the whole direction of his highly-anticipated new 18th solo album, I Wanna Thank Me, dropping later this year. I love how Snoop is educating this new generation about that original classic Westcoast G-Funk sound, but with a small twist of today’s sound to show how he became the living icon and legend he’s.