Pac Div Shows Off Beautifully Gorgeous Women, In New Video, Gorgeous

Westcoast group Pac Div quite appropriately show off some very beautifully gorgeous women in their new Topshelf Junior-directed video for the appropriately titled, Gorgeous.  A really dope split-screen visual for the ultimate trying to hook up with a girl in the Summer anthem and jam, taken from their recent comeback album, 1st Baptist.  Many longtime fans of the group may remember the original version of the forever classic record dropping 10 years ago.  Group member BeYoung had the following to say to Vibe, who premiered the video yesterday, “Those older videos were full of a lot of chopping and cutting.  So with ‘Gorgeous,’ we wanted to do something different.  We wanted to focus on beautiful women as the canvas. We wanted to settle down and let the viewer soak in the beauty of the girls and their natural essence and their complex simplicity.”  So watch and soak in all that beauty, as you watch the group’s very amazing new visual below.

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