The Boy Illinois Shows Why He’s At Forefront Of Chicago, In Raw, Cold New Video, Othello

Chicago emcee, The Boy Illinois, shows the raw and gritty unseen side of Chicago in his new Vernon Vision Film-directed video, Othello.  Which finds Illi at a Chicago train track showing off his slick metaphors and lyricism about wearing his signature fresh to death loafers among the many great lyrical metaphors.  Going back to the true essence of Hip-Hop and showing off why according to Forbes after Chance the Rapper, he’s at the forefront as the next great Chicago act to emerge to national prominence.  Something that really shows with the emcee also getting set to perform at Chicago’s biggest festival, the Taste of Chicago, for a second straight year.  On the very last day of the Taste on July 15th, which is very huge and not many local acts get to do and usually one of the bigger out of town acts get to close out.  You can hear the dope new track and watch the new visual from Illi for what has already been a big 2018 and seen him perform at several SXSW showcases among several big things.  What will continue to be even bigger with two new albums set to drop and the Taste on the horizon too.