Sabrina Claudio Drops Seductively Alluring New Lyric Video, For Seductively Soothing & Enticing New Single, All To You

Since first really emerging on the national scene nearly a year ago with her timeless debut EP, Confidently Lost, very beautiful and talented singer/songwriter, Sabrina Claudio, has been stealing hearts ever since with her effortlessly soothingly smooth angelic, yet still seductively beautiful vocals.  The passion, pure grace and sexy seductivenessingly euphorically smooth beautiful vocals and passion you can feel, as you listen to all the seductive passion in her vocals and lyrics is an art in itself that shows what a truly great once in a lifetime artist she’s that does something to you and takes you somewhere else everytime you listen to her.  Her elegantly hypnotizing great voice and lyrics, as well as effortless sexy and elegant talent and beauty, is like making passionate love in music art form, which is purely great art and talent that takes you to another level and the type of bedroom burner that will get many women pregnant, if it hasn’t  already.  Which you can really hear and see as you watch the hypnotizingly seductive lyric visuals to the new record, All To You and hear Claudio at her seductive best sing so passionately the seducingly smooth, sensually soothing and enticing, yet beautiful lyrics about the purely great young beauty and talent wanting to have her, all to you.  The Miami songstress topless and bringing pure sexually enticing vulnerableness, as she sings and performs in almost a whisper, the very seductively smooth, sensually, just as enticingly soothing, yet beautifully vulnerable lyrics so beautifully and effortless to pull her lover that much closer.