Back Like They Never Left, Don’t Stop, But Wu-Tang Clan Is Back With New Single, Don’t Stop

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Weiner

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Weiner

Back like they never left, legendary Hip-Hop crew, Wu-Tang Clan, doesn’t ever stop and even today nearly 25 years after their debut they are still fresh as ever.

Which they show on their new RZA-produced track, Don’t Stop.  A new Wu banger, we got thanks to the good folks at Mass Appeal Records, just dropping their latest track from HBO’s Silicon Valley soundtrack, which is expected to drop in full tomorrow.

On the new record we get the usual classic Wu ingredients of all out kung fu samples with a slick future-minded percussion and video game type sound effects, to go with some killer soulful female vocals and the always lyrically sharp verses from each Wu member on the track.

This particular one featuring Clan spitters Raekwon, Method Man and Inspectah Deck.  For those, who may have forgotten, The Chef and Method, even rehash part of their classic C.R.E.A.M. verses for a track that sounds ready for today, but still also has part of that classic 90’s golden era New York Hip-Hop sound sprinkled on it.  Which you can hear, when you listen below to the track.

This particular verse from Meth, showing why Wu-Tang will always be current and classic, no matter what year it’s.  “Trying to spit on this hot iron, you’re not iron.  The irony cause that last shot, you shot by.  So let’s start it with this, son.  Motivate them with this one.  If you ain’t got no haters, then go get some.  Is anybody greater?  There is none.  Assorted Now and Laters, My Clan got too many flavors to pick from.”