Local Spotlight(Chicago): DJ Kariu

Sorry I have been missing in action lately, i think you all know how life can get in the way of things and hard work and dedication etc etc.   But lately I have been paying attention to a lot going on in Chicago as far as the craziness with Rob Blagojevich.  So I want to lighten the mood with a post about Music.

We all love Music, especially good music that inspires you and gets you moving.  Well there is an artist from Chicago going by the name of DJ Kariu of Geospace Republic.  Dj Kariu is a lyricist, producer, and an artist all around.  maybe it runs in the family.  But this up and coming artist is the true meaning of uniqueness.

From his lyrics to his keyboard this Streetfighter fanatic reigns supreme and now he has to let the masses know why he is L.A.M.E. (Living Above Many Errors). 

“At 12:20 On June 17 th, L.A.M.E began as a simple idea made By Devon “Space Nutz” Carter, Khalil ” 10gu” Shabazz and Jamil” Fat Boy” Shabazz in the backyard of Khalils apartment. After talking for a while the trio discovered and discussed the different struggles that they have encountered throughout their lives. They knew that somewhere in the vastness of earth and the space time continuim that others like them existed. So they sent a message…..a beacon, if you will…that will travel across the reaches of the milky way.'”

Enfluenced greatly by Pharrell Williams and many of HIP HOP’s greats, Kariu strives to add more uniqueness to Hip Hop and also spread a conscious message.  Dj Kariu stated “, I’m an oddball. you could search the masses of the planet and still you cant find a guy like me.  An Individual who doesnt give a rats ass about what others think of me. L.A.M.E til the grave yard consumes my remains.”

Check out some of DJ Kariu’s remixes on his myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/thirdstrike100

Lupe Fiasco Vs DJ Kariu-Kick Push( Leave Alone) Remix