For Sale: $20 McCain/Palin Blackberry’s w/ FREE Campaign Secrets

Yesterday the McCain-Palin campaign held a “firesale” liquidating office supplies, like LCD’s, furniture, and Blackberry’s once used by campaign workers. They were selling the phones for $20 which is a steal for a Blackberry, but the buyers also received an additional surprise after charging the phones. The phones still contained emails containing inside information dating from early September through the end of the election. If that wasn’t enough the phones also still held private phone numbers for prominent figures in the Republican Party, as well as lobbyists, and other main campaign workers. They even sold a few phones to reporters at Fox 5 in DC.

Now, if McCain can’t even keep secrets about the GOP and his own campaign under wraps, what would he do with the “Top Secret” information the President gets? There were a lot of reports on how unorganized the campaign was, but this is just ridiculous. Who knows who could have ggot their hands on these phones.  2 thumbs down McCain!!!

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