KXNG CROOKED Brings The Calm Before The Storm, On Newest Weekly

KXNG CROOKED just keeps getting better and better with each new installment of The Weeklys.  It doesn’t matter what instrumental he takes whether it be hard, smooth, club banger, Westcoast, Eastcoast, Southern or whatever else.  He destroys them all and shows what a truly great and versatile emcee he’s.

Making lyrical miracles out of any instrumental, he continues to prove why he’s easily not only arguably the best lyricists alive, but one of the best lyricists and emcees to ever touch a mic period.

Further proving it on this weeks, Week 18 of his current weekly series.  That sees him flipping The Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy and Shaquille O’Neal classic, Can’t Stop The Reign, with the Dizz-produced, The Calm Before The Storm.

Which finds Crook giving several quotables on arguably his best weekly to date of the current series.  Such as, “The series started on MySpace, still people wrap their head over my fireplace.  Got your favorite rapper face in the iron case.”  “Hold up, In Long Beach it’s easy to be a criminal, easy to be lyrical.  I’m Eazy-E, but with syllables.  My frequencies, unforgettable waves hit you.  The vibe is critical, my bars live in cells.  Not prison cells, I’m talkin’ livin’ cells.  Biochemical breaking you down to your enzymes.  2Pacalypse now, we in the end times.  I’m new era, I’m old era.  I’m all eras of Shady as Rosenberg.  Call me Paul Bearer.  I bury competition.”

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