Jon Connor Releases Hard-Hitting New Single, Revelations feat. K.A.A.N.

Jon Connor, is one of the more doper emcees and lyricists in the history of all Hip-Hop that doesn’t always get his just due. So he almost always raps like he gots something to prove. Such is the case with his hard hitting new Spyda Kalen Dixson-produced single, Revelations. That features K.A.A.N.

The hard-hitting new track finding Connor deliver such quotable’s as, ”Look rappers be selling their souls to the devil in hopes to come up and achieve a new level. I tell them that hell was developed to sell them a luscious confusion and you’re more than welcome.” As well as, ”God is the voice of my spirits that echo. I severe the head of the serpent and shred it. Take it or leave it. I watch and relate it. Receive it completely defeating the demons.”