Mila J Drops 2 New Singles, Keep Yo Head Str8 & OD

Mila J, has been teasing more new music for awhile now and pretty much since dropping her Westcoast banger, Welcome To the West, last Summer. Around August. While fans of the Westcoast veteran need not wait anymore. As Mila drops not one, but two new singles today.

Looking to make up for lost time with her first 2023 releases. Mila’s producer Mad Lion perfectly flips fellow Los Angeles native, The Pharcyde’s forever Westcoast and Hip-Hop classic, Passin’ Me By. With a rapping version of the record entitled, Keep yo Head Str8. That sees Mila rapping about and repping the West with such bars as, ”I never said I was arrogant. I am just confident, sick. Now my ass get fatter with all my accomplishments. Girl! I’m trying to do my best to not stomp a b***ch! G code, put my foot down! Leave a Nike print! Icy wrist, fiesty b***ch! You ain’t gotta like a b***ch! I invented everything you tryin’ do, fight me b***ch!”

The second version entitled, OD. That is a more singing and R&B version flip of the record. Where Mila playfully sings about all the od and out of this world ways. From on the freeway to everywhere, but on the bed. That she satisfies her man with her booty to how he satisfies her with the D. That makes them, OD, for each other. As she playfully sings on the chorus.