Richie Evans Delivers New Single, Pressure feat. Jay Rock & EastSide K-Boy

Richie Evans applies pressure on his very Westcoast-infused new single, Pressure. That he just released today and features Los Angeles veteran emcees, Jay Rock and EastSide K-Boy.

The very hard-hitting Track PROS-produced Westcoast banger. Finding all three Westcoast veterans bringing those raw and real lyrics with clever wordplay about loyalty, respect and taking an oath to the streets. Which you hear on EastSide’s opening verses of, ”Hey Richie, fvck these n***as. I don’t really fvck with them anyway. This stick do magic. I ain’t talking with penny play. These rap n***as goofy anyways. Hit they ass with the mini kay. Bullets eat you like Em did Jay on, ‘Renegade.”

The new track as well as Evans previously released single, For You featuring Vedo. That he released last year. Are set to be on Evans upcoming new, Highly Favored EP. He will be releasing sometime soon in the near future.