Willie The Kid & V Don Deliver Cinematic New Single, Heather Grey 2 feat. Eto, Announce Release of, Deutsche Mark III

Willie the Kid and V Don are back! A little over a week after Willie teased that the trilogy to his Deutsche Mark collaboration projects with V Don would be coming to a likely close at the end of the month. On Oct. 28th with, Deutsche Mark III.

The duo who doesn’t always get enough credit as one of the best emcee and producer combos in Hip-Hop not only now. But possibly ever in the history of Hip-Hop. Delivers the lead single from the upcoming album, Heather Grey 2. A sequel to the trios first track of the same name they had on Willie and V Don’s joint EP, Blue Notes. They released back in 2017.

This sequel once again finds Willie and Eto over dark and cinematic piano-laced production from V Don. Showing why they are two of the best emcees not only now, but the past almost decade. The trio showing the undeniable chemistry between all of them together too.

Willie himself having the following to say about the single, “With the first single, “Heather Grey 2,” we had to give the people what they want and came to see; reliable art from a brand they can trust. Deutsche Marks is a brand.  Heather Grey is a brand.  It’s only right we lead off Deutsche Marks III with “Heather Grey 2.”  This is industrial strength rap!”

As many may remember the trio of Willie, V Don & Eto released a collaborative EP, also entitled, Heather Grey. Back in 2019. Perhaps this is a chance for fans and supporters of all three to push them to release a sequel to that EP, but as a full-length album instead. Also entitled, Heather Grey 2 or even, Heather Grey II: The Album.