Kiana Ledé & Kehlani Get Real Up Close & Personal In Beautifully Intimate New Video, Ur Best Friend

Kiana Ledé and Kehlani are easily two of the most beautiful and amazingly talented young singer and songwriter’s. In the current ever growing crop of great young R&B/Soul artists right now. So it’s only right the two finally collaborate for Ledé’s very simmering and scorching hot latest single, Ur Best Friend. That sees both singers showing off their very undeniable chemistry. As they bring that raw soul with such unapologetic raw emotion about temptation for their very undeniably amazing new duet. That’s one of those undeniably great bedroom bangers, you just can’t get enough of and stop playing.

Just when you think such a record couldn’t get anymore undeniable and addicting too. The duo debut the just as undeniably amazing accompanying video. That was directed by Hyphy Williamz (née, Kehlani) through her Honey Shot Productions. Which sees Kehlani toasting to her best friend, (who’s played by Vic Mensa) at a house party. That is for his birthday. As the DJ then plays, Ur Best Friend. Both Ledé and Kehlani singing the scandalous tempting lyrics, as Ledé and her man (who is also the same guy Mensa plays) dance. While Kehlani looks on.

The whole video playing like a very personal up and close scandalously intimate mini-movie. That sees everything from sexting to dancing, neck grabbing, sinking into each other’s eyes, biting of the lips and very intimate kissing. That helps bring the very undeniably tempting lyrics even more to life. With the way that Kehlani shot the video. Just so beautifully bringing an already undeniably great record that much more to life. With a just as beautifully undeniable accompanying video.