Common & Vevo Debut Ctrl Live Session Performance Of My Fancy Free Future Love

Common is one of the most talented emcees, poets and lyricists in the history of Hip-Hop.  As well as a well-known activist, actor and more recently New York Times best-selling author with his recent memoir, Let Love Have The Lost Word.

With a storied career spanning three decades, the Chicago native has garnered praise and accolades from the likes of the Recording Academy, Emmys and several others.  By winning numerous GRAMMY® Awards, as well as an Emmy® and an Academy® Award for the song “Glory” which he co-wrote and performed with John Legend.

Critics and peers alike always praising Common for his work as well over the years.  The talented wordsmith and artist recently put out his latest solo album, Let Love, just a few weeks ago and has not only wowed fans and critics alike, but Vevo as well.

So it should be no surprise that Common is the latest to be apart of Vevo’s latest new original live series, Ctrl.  Both Vevo and the talented and always consciously thought-provoking artist, emcee and poet debuting/premiering just about a little over three hours ago, the very soulfully and honest, Ctrl Live Session, performance of one of the most soulfully honest and beautifully soul personified standout tracks from the album, Fancy Free Future Love.