MateoToldMeToFlourish Delivers Refreshing New Album, Goat Flourish, That Let’s Everyone Flourish

Chicago artist MateoToldMeToFlourish is a jack of all trades that’s really good at what he does. Which is to flourish and make those around him also flourish and give all of their best self as well. As he does on his brand new album, Goat Flourish. A very refreshing album full of the many influences from Hip-Hop to Rap, Soul, House and Juke. That Mateo has experienced over his time over the years as both a rapper and drummer. Not to mention as a DJ as well.

Starting with the very soulful opening track, Message (Intro). Where he very cleverly flips Natasha Ramos, Midnight Hour, for the soulful hook/chorus in between Mateo’s very inspiring and motivational verses. Such as, “You got to wake up with the passion. And do what’s necessary without someone asking. I know you had past failures, but they all past tense.” This is also shown yet again on the very refreshing and almost anthemic church-like vibes coming from both Mateo and the orchestra on, Karma. But it’s most shown by LRP on Franchise. With his killer closing verse of, “I’m a humble beast with humble beginnings. So what’s the ending? Initially it was no officials, no point intended. I couldn’t get it from the plug. So got it out the mud. A franchise player. You know I do it all for the love. The number one draft pick across the atlas. I’m going to shake the commissioner’s hand and rock my hat backwards. Twelve hundred for the suit. My first check I went and got a Coupe. Peanut butter suit. Matching my tennis shoes. The alley-opp to Mickey, you know it’s all Factz. And ain’t no need to rebound. So I’m going to fall back.” The way that King Los really went off on, Pillar of Hope, Pt. 2. A pretty solid guest verse as well. Los even bringing out the best of Mateo on the track as well. With such standout bars as, “It offends people when you wear crowns. Inferior complex is engaged in stare downs. That’s why I keep a nine millimeter with spare rounds. The Bible tell me to tuck it, just to keep things on fair ground. I shy away from anything peasant. Everybody is a King, until a King is present. To be in the presence of a King. Give a King presents. I don’t mask pride. I take pride giving kings reverence.”

While there is a lot of dope features throughout the album. From everyone from Mickey Factz to LRP, King Los and Kosine. To name just a few. Mateo proves throughout Goat Flourish, that when he wants to be he can be a pretty solid lyricists by himself as well. With such standout tracks as, Peace My Address or the very soulfully nostalgic, Nostalgia On Tuesday. The latter finding Mateo getting very introspective with such verses as, “This feel as good as, Nostalgia On Tuesday. A section full of women, a whole lot of women. Sean Mac spinning. Don’t forgot it’s a Tuesday. We Hennessy sippin’. You in there two-stepping. And Lou getting off a fit, you know it’s a Tuesday. Can we talk playing, you brought it back player.” Very soulful and real tracks like, You The Goat and, This A Me Song. Showing how great and real of an artist that Mateo is. His original sounds and lyricism a refreshing breath of fresh air that you can play virtually anywhere.

Overall even though the album is not a classic. It is still a very solid and refreshing album that with all the various sounds throughout. That ranges from the very juke inspired, Flourish Illinois to the Chicago House inspired, Cutarug. To even the trap inspired, Ruth Chris or the DJ MateoToldMeToFlourish backed, Bank Roll and A Link Card. To the many soulful and Hip-Hop inspired tracks. Has something for everyone and a lot of tracks that will get plenty of plays. Which is why I give it a nine out of 10.

The album is also one that shows how talented of a drummer and DJ that Mateo is as well. The closing track, Last Standby Flight To Flourish, actually a little over six minutes drum solo that really lets the Chicago native truly show off his very stellar and amazing drum skills. Goat Flourish, also is an album that helps plenty of Mateo’s collaborators flourish as well. That will get them plenty of new fans to help everyone truly flourish. Thus why, Goat Flourish, is the perfect name for an album that truly let’s everyone shine and flourish.