Joyce Wrice Drops New Double Single With Kay Franklin, Rocket Science/Play Pretend

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, Joyce Wrice has had a pretty big 2016.  The latest in a line of great female R&B/Soul singer/songwriters to emerge from L.A. over the past few years, joining the like of Jhené Aiko, Tinashe, Kay Cola and Joi StaRR to name a few, Wrice finally got her breakthrough release, earlier this year with the release of her Stay Around EP.  One of the better R&B releases of the year, which really showcases Joyce’s well beyond her years soul and her perfectly smooth vocals to match.

Though the year maybe nearly over, Wrice also looks to end her year on a high note and keep the momentum she’s built for this year going into next year with the release of her new double single, Rocket Science and Play Pretend, which she teamed with singer Kay Franklin to release.

The two tracks are real laid-back with the type of retro, neo-soul tinged and jazzy backdrops, we have come to expect from Wrice.  The main record, Rocket Science, being more of her laying her feelings all out to her lover over the Mndsgn production, as she floats seamlessly over the smooth groove with her perfectly smooth vocals. While the latter is the more jazzy backdrop with the very amazing slapping production, which has Joyce singing about the familiar story of being a friend who catches feelings and starts wanting more, but is afraid to risk it on possibly losing their friendship.

You can listen below to both very amazing records, which show how truly talented Joyce is and how much better she keeps getting as well.  If you are interested, you can also cop the 7-inch vinyl, which is being released through Akashik Records and Stones Throw here.

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