Jessie Reyez Premieres Heartwreching & Symbolically Deep New Video, Saint Nobody

Back in October very talented singer and songwriter Jessie Reyez released her second EP with, Being Human in Public and since than has started to gain an even bigger buzz and fanbase thanks to her collaboration with Eminem, Good Guy and it’s just as crazy dope video released with it back in December.  Not to mention nominations at both the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards and 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards also helping get her name out more.  While today the rising talent returns to that EP, which is also her most talked about project to date with the premiere through Vevo of her very heartwrenching and symbolically deep new video, Saint Nobody.

The very standout and emotionally honest heartfelt opening record from the EP, the new visual finds Reyez stripping down to just her long white t-shirt, as she starts to cut down the middle to bleed and appear to take out her still beating heart.  Singing the somewhat controversial lyrics about thinking about dying everyday, Reyez appears to be in a museum where she’s on display in a box and nobody appears to want to help her and just either watch in shock or tape and photograph everything, as she puts her heart on full display for everyone to see.  Some even laughing like it’s nothing and showing how numb a lot people and society today can unfortunately be to death and other major topics like that in today’s world.  It really truly helps bring the record to life in a very symbolically deep way you never would have thought and show how fvcked up most of our society is today that nobody would help her from pulling her heart out and bearing virtually everything to see.