Agallah Brings Cinematic Bars/Production On New Single, Time I’m On

While 2020 has been a pretty trying time for many. There’s many artists, who have used it to their advantage to put out as much new music as they can. One of them being legendary New York-bred producer and emcee, Agallah.

Who is getting ready to drop his 20th solo album of his career, GHUL 2: The Revival. In a little over a week on Halloween. The project follows Agallah’s debut collaboration album with fellow New York great and living legend, Sadat X, The Gods Have Arrived. Which was released at the end of September. With Agallah also releasing three solo albums throughout this year thus far, under his Agallah Don Bishop, name. With, Fvck You the Album, back in March. Aggravated in May and Brownsvillian 2 in August.

As Agallah gets ready to release his newest album on Halloween. That’s also a sequel to his album, G.H.U.L (God’s Honor Universal Laws). That he dropped last March. He releases the newest single from the album. With the very cinematic and dark, Time I’m On. That finds Agallah over the very cinematic snares and loops of the self-production. Rapping very cinematic storytelling bars about the tough times he has had to gone through to make the history he has. “Aziatic, gods, we over stand the odds. This life is supposed to be hard. Not a facade. Who you fooling, I’m straight pulling ya card. Strip you of ya of your brainwashed mindset. Coming from the source. This is live and direct.” Some of the bars/lyrics showing it and why he’s among the best, yet still somehow more under appreciated producers and emcees of all-time.