Agallah & E.P.M.D. Are Some Of New York’s Most Real Top Guns, On New Banger, Top Gun

Legendary emcee and producer, Agallah, recently connected with fellow living legend, Sadat X for their debut collaborative album, The Gods Have Arrived. Dropping this past Friday, Sept. 25th on what was easily the biggest release date so far this year for Hip-Hop.

Agallah doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Also connecting with fellow living legends E.P.M.D. for their new banger, Top Gun. He just released today. Showing why all are among the most real top gun greatest emcees/producers to ever come out of New York.

With Agallah spitting such standout rhymes as, “I need a dentist. These bars can get expensive. I should open up the shop, so these wack rappers can print ‘em. Bugs is great. Steak and eggs, eat rappers for breakfast.” As well as, “Green-Eyed Bandit, Mike Dot, we the thrill seekers. It’s Ag Al Ghul, smoke coming through the speakers. Last of the Mohicans. Die hard Puerto Rican’s.”

While Erick Sermon of E.P.M.D. Spit such standout and real verses as, “This that New York City sh*t. Dipset. Mob Deep, Biggie Smalls. That Diddy sh*t. Yes. skull cap, that Timb boot. Gritty sh*t.” Also adding, “Agallah, underground. Superstar. PR. I stand tall like a avatar. Our car is cool. It’s more like an SUV. E-Dub and PMD.”