Spillage Village Bring Happy Times In The Wilderness, For Debut Of Beautifully Powerful Moving New Video, Hapi feat. Big Rube

Spillage Village dropped their recent album, Spilligion, this past Friday and are looking to keep momentum from the album. By debuting today the very beautifully powerful new Mac Grant and Chad Tennies co-directed video for one of the albums most standout tracks, Hapi. That features legendary Dungeon Family member and poet, Big Rube.

The new visual finding Mereba, Johnny Venus and Benji in the wilderness. As Mereba belts her harmonious vocals at a piano and a bathtub in a remote wooded area to open the clip. Before Johnny Venus sings and harmonically baptizes his beautiful vocals with his choir, as a baptism goes on and a father visits a mural with his son of a lost one. Mereba later joining together with Venus, as the two sing together so beautifully in spiritual harmony. Before Benji spits his very stellar verse sitting atop a school bus.

The powerfully moving visual ends with Big Rube delivering a sermon in the enchanting forest in front of his fellow congregation. To really bring an already pretty beautifully spiritually amazing record even more to life for such a masterpiece visual. That’s also of the best endings to a video that really lets you know this isn’t just a music video, but a true piece of art. That is one of the best you will ever see.