Janelle Monáe Is Ready To, Turntables, On Powerfully Liberating & Empowering New Video, For Empowering Liberating Newest Single

When it comes to some of the most liberating and definitive artists of this generation. That’s a once in a lifetime true to the core genre-defying artist. Janelle Monáe is definitely it.

Showing it on her latest solo masterpiece, generation-defying album, Dirty Computer. Which Monáe released already over two years ago. The Grammy Award-nominated singer and songwriter, as well as producer, actress and entrepreneur. Is back to making music again. At a time we can all really use her very liberating, educational, empowering and inspiringly authentic, as well as creatively current, yet futuristic voice and message.

Monae’s very empowering and liberating newest single, Turntables. That she released exactly a week ago. A new extension of the freedom, liberation, education and inspiringly uplifting great art for a better tomorrow, that Monáe highlighted quite a bit on, Dirty Computer. But has been fighting for virtually her whole career.

Which is why it should be no surprise that it is also featured on the recently released, Amazon Studios documentary, All In: The Fight For Democracy. That Monáe just premiered earlier today the very beautifully stunning and powerfully liberating, as well as empowering new accompanying Child-directed video for. That sees her in front of an American flag with a mic, as well as in front of a stack of U.S. Postal Service Mailboxes. As she sings the empowering liberating and motivationally uplifting lyrics for change. While clips from the documentary also play. Helping really truly bring the record and its message to life even more with this very beautifully stunning and liberating piece of art emotion picture. In a way that only someone as revolutionary and artistically authentic as Monáe can do.