New Terrace Martin – Think of You feat. Kamasi Washington & Rose Gold

Terrace Martin - Think of You single cover

Los Angeles producer, artist and musician extraordinaire Terrace Martin has always been among the greats of our time, but just never got his just due until recently cause of all the work he put in on Kendrick Lamar’s critically acclaimed Grammy winning album, To Pimp a Butterfly.  From the actual album to many of its live performances including the Grammy’s.  So it’s only right Terrace capitalize on that with his next solo album, Velvet Portraits, which is scheduled to drop on April 1st via his very own new label, Sounds of Creenshaw.  With the spotlight on him more than ever before Martin gets us prepared for said album with his new single, Think Of You.  Another really beautiful record from Terrace that shows his beautiful ear for Jazz infused tunes, which he is the current figurehead of and his own greatness on the alto-saxophone, while also showing his great production talents on the subtle, but soulful many instruments he helps arrange on said song from the percussion to the keyboard and bass to name a few.  With Martin also playing as one of the many percussionists on the record he shows how much of a talent he truly is, but at the same time like on many of his previous records he show’s he doesn’t mind sharing that spotlight.  As he recruit’s saxophone colleague Kamasi Washington on the tenor-sax for a big sax solo throughout much of the song and Rose Gold on the vocals for the uptempo-yet-soothing, jazzy, funk infused record.  With this latest release off his upcoming highly anticipated Portraits album, the L.A. native also shows once again why he’s such a talented individual and so many like his unique style of music with all the different genres of music it infuses.

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