Lianne La Havas Is Paper Thin In Beautifully Soothing & Aesthetically-Pleasing Intimate New Video, For Heavenly Soothing New Single

Multi-talented singer and songwriter, as well as guitarist, Lianne La Havas, gets everyone’s Sunday off right. By premiering earlier today the very beautifully soothing and aesthetically-pleasing intimate new self-directed video for her heavenly soothing and calmingly authentic latest single, Paper Thin. That sees La Havas with the slow lingeringly beautiful ethereal authentic shots of herself, as well as the plants, nature and sun seeming to represent different meanings to the truly artistic context of the song of falling in love, like it’s paper thin. The plants representing growth in a relationship, while the burning roses seem to represent the eternally burning love, good or bad in it. The sun and serenity of her enjoying herself representing the joy and hope that love brings. As Lianne’s heart meltingly pure heavenly beautiful and soothingly calm vocals and guitar playing really truly bring the soothingly beautiful and heavenly calm of this record to life with these beautifully soothing and aesthetically-pleasing visuals. Bringing us that serenity, peace and soothing calm contemplative summer vibes at a time all of the world truly needs it.

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