There’s No Place Like Home, On Consequence New Single ft. & Honoring Phife Dawg

Queens represent!  In honor of what would be the late great Phife Dawg’s 49th birthday tommorrow, November 20th, fellow Queens and Tribe member, Consequence, decided to release one from the vaults with, No Place Like Home.

Recorded during the sessions that took place for Tribe’s last album released in 2016.  Consequence had the following to say in a statement about the new single, “I always knew I wanted people to hear this record, but it just felt like the timing had to be right.  This year it feels right.  The one thing I know about Phife is that he’s a rapper’s rapper.  The best gift I could give him for his birthday this year is to let the world hear the ‘5 Foot Assassin’ once again!”

That everyone is able to.  As both emcees reminisce about all their fond memories growing up in Queens on the very soulful record.  Which is produced by Cons himself and Mike Cash, with additional production from Fede Vindver and Rich Keller.  Phife spitting the following memorable lyrics, “Straight legends in the Q, we live and die for the mic.  Stick together like them Haitian folks in Cambria Heights.  Queens, son, the home of the Mets, A Tribe Called Quest.”