Joell Ortiz Brings Awareness To Mental Health, In Powerful & Moving New Video, Anxiety

Joell Ortiz is easily one of the best emcees in all of Hip-Hop right now and among the greatest of all-time.  With his always stellar wordplay, very superb lyrical ability and great storytelling.  That great storytelling being that a lot of people can relate to and why people love his music so much.

One of the most standout tracks on Ortiz’s latest amazingly dope and mostly critically-acclaimed solo album, Monday.  Which he dropped back in August, really shows on the very moving, powerfully touching and very relatable, Anxiety.  A very great storytelling track that’s not only one of the best from his new album, but one of the greatest and most relatable records of his career thus far.  Which is a story about mental awareness and the anxieties those who have it, struggle to deal with or even admit that they have it.

So it’s only right Ortiz premiere today a just as powerfully and moving Devon Johnson-directed video for the record.  Really helping bring the record even more to life with what’s not only a great accompanying visual for the record that shows throughout the clip how he and so many others deal with anxiety, but what’s a truly great piece of art.  Showing both through the record and visual that Ortiz is not only a great emcee, but also a great true to the core artist that really delivers his great message, stories and thoughts through art.  Truly putting the ART in artists and why he’s among my favorite artists period.

A truly great not only lyricist, but amazing storyteller as witnessed from this track and why so many of us can relate to and love his music so much.  What you call not only true real Hip-Hop, but pure art as well.