KXNG CROOKED Is An Emcee Beyond, Coast Lines, On Newest Weekly

KXNG CROOKED is back at it again.  Continuing his weekly assault of various reworked classic instrumentals every Friday.  The Long Beach emcee shows his emceeing is beyond coast lines for the appropriately titled, Coast Lines.

Which sees Crook taking on a Dizz-produced flip of the Gang Starr classic, Mass Appeal, for Week #41 of The Weeklys.  Once again showing why he’s not only the illest lyricists and emcee alive, but one of the greatest of All-time period.

Such bars as, “I love when y’all pretend we ain’t major factors.  I got younger brothers who will smother your favorite rappers.”  As well as, “Labels had me blind, now I see the light.  Bout to pen a letter to Suge and tell him, he was right.  They don’t want a black man to eat his slice.  Bronze skin and woolly hair.  They gon’ mistreat you like you Jesus Christ.  Yikes!”  Just further proving so yet again.