KXNG CROOKED Is Lyrically, 52 Weeks, Strong On Newest Weekly

We maybe only at Week #36 of The Weeklys, but KXNG CROOKED shows he’s lyrically strong all 52 weeks of the year on his newest edition of his current weekly series.  Appropriately titled, 52 Weeks, the Long Beach emcee describes how he went from growing up broke and homeless on the streets to chasing the money on the mic.

Somewhat making him lose focus for what he was really rapping for.  Which is the love and how things got better once he started doing it more for the love than the money.  Flipping Jay-Z & Too $hort’s classic, A Week Ago, for the new Dizz-produced track, Crook gives some spoken word jewels before the beat comes in and he proceeds to show why there’s nobody lyrically really touching him right now.

The LBC emcee giving off such standout bars as, “But my wisdom eclipses Socrates, real n***a philosophies.  Lyricists copy me and my spit is cinematography.  I’ve been deep in the trenches, only sleeping on benches where people’s interest is speaking on visions.  I mean revenge against poverty.  How could you rate my bars properly, if you ain’t never starve sleeping on abandoned property?”