Boogie Ushers In New Studio With Fire, Sway In The Morning Freestyle

After ushering in the beginning of the year with a pretty dope and solid, Sway In The Morning, freestyle to help promote his debut album, Everything’s For Sale, at the time.  Westcoast emcee Boogie returns again to, Sway in the Morning, to usher and break in Sway’s new Los Angeles based studio with a brand new freestyle.

Dropping the very incentive and introspective lyrics we’ve come to expect from the Shady Records emcee, he burns down and breaks in Sway’s new L.A. studio with some of the most fire bars you will ever hear for a freestyle over Rick Ross and Drake’s, Gold Roses instrumental that will go down as one of the most memorable and classic freestyles.  Dropping such standout lines as, “In a rush to say all that sh*t y’all be begging me to say, but if the sh*t to controversial y’all going to cancel me today.  Look at the world and how they doing Jay.  Like we don’t already know that n***a resume.”  Or even, “It’s something in my body, it’s surprising I don’t melt with all this fire in my, sh*t.  I should fire on myself before I let the world numb me.  Should I die for what I felt?”

Too many standout bars to quote all of them, but just as Boogie said towards the end, “God damn Sway! I’m too good.”  Having Sway dang near in tears like a proud father at the end with all the fire bars he let off.  Boogie once again shows why he’s among the best and most promising young emcees right now, who you should’ve already had well on your radar, but will most definitely now.  If you haven’t yet you should definitely checkout his album, which is easily one of not only the best Hip-Hop albums, but albums to drop period this year and still gets plenty of rotation around these parts.