MC Ren Is, Back At It, With New Single

Iconic veteran Westcoast Hip-Hop pioneer, MC Ren, is back at it again with his new single, appropriately titled, Back At It.  Mostly known from his days with the iconic Hip-Hop group, N.W.A. that put Gangsta Rap and Compton on the map.  Ren is once again repping the CPT and letting it be known where a good majority of the Westcoast and so many other Gangsta rappers got their style from.

Such lyrics as, “Villian be coming with that dope shit that’s uncut.  Gangsta, gangsta they still yellin’ it.  While y’all n***as scared ’cause motherfvckas there’s still sellin’ it.  Record after record ’til that shit go platinum.  Ren gon’ do his thing, y’all know it’s crackin’.  Hate if you want but you know that shit slappin’.  I was the reason y’all really started rapping.”  The Villain in Black shows that his name is forever etched in history, even if you try to deny it.”