Joell Ortiz & Olive Louise Will Move You To Tears With Emotionally Moving New Video/Remix

Joell Ortiz will have you moved to tears or likely almost moved to tears with his very emotionally honest new and powerfully moving remix to Olive Louise record, Tears.  A very honest and emotionally raw record about drug addictions, most notably overdosing and the pain and tears it usually brings others from those who are trying to fight them, whether it be family, friends, loved ones or someone else you know.

The new Olive + Harrison-directed video for the record just as emotionally raw and honest, shows the story of a mother trying to fight her own drug addiction, which she’s ashamed to go to her own mother about cause she doesn’t want her to see her like that.  Yet even despite her addiction she’s still trying to raise her own daughter, but the consequences of her actions may affect her in a way they really shouldn’t at a young age to be moved to tears.  The way this is so brilliantly shot and tells the story of the record really truly helping bring the honest raw emotions and pain of the record to life in a way that really makes it that much better.  The mark of a truly great artist that knows how to give really insightfully deep and meaningful lyrics and not just trying to out bar other emcees all the time, while also showing their eye for great visuals and storytelling that show why Ortiz is easily one of the greatest emcees and artists of not only this generation, but up among some of the greatest to ever do it as well.