Sinéad Harnett Delivers Beautifully Passionate & Emotional New Single, By Myself

Just when you think Sinéad Harnett couldn’t top her previous singles Body and Lessons, she may have yet again with her new STINT-produced single, By Myself.  A very beautiful emotional new record that really showcases Harnett’s just as beautifully passionate and emotional vocals and lyrics about a love she can’t quite let go.

As she said in a statement about the record that’s her first new release of 2019, after a 2018 that seen Harnett release several promotional singles.  Having the following to say, “By Myself was inspired by a ‘can’t live with, can’t live without’ relationship.  When you know you’re not the most compatible for each other, but you can’t imagine your partner being anybody else.  That bitter sweet notion of always coming back to them, even if it’s not the healthiest thing to be doing.”

The chorus of, “I don’t wanna, wanna be by myself.  I don’t wanna be by myself, eh.  I don’t wanna be, wanna be by myself.  I just wanna be somewhere else,” also showing so.  The upbeat drums of the STINT-produced backdrop really showcasing the very beautifully talented singers beautifully soulfully soothing, yet still emotionally passionate signature vocals.  This is yet another record that really shows how truly great a singer and songwriter Harnett is and why me and so many others can hardly wait for her sure to be highly-anticipated debut album to finally drop later this year after so many EP’s and a full-length project being long overdue.