Sinéad Harnett Drops Beautifully Soulful & Sultry New Single, Body

Rising UK singer/songwriter Sinéad Harnett yesterday dropped her very beautifully soulful and sultry new single, Body.  A record which finds the very beautifully talented singer over the delicate dense and soulfully sultry chords of the GRADES production, singing the very beautifully sultry lyrics with her very soothingly beautiful and soulfully delicate vocals that are very reminiscent of the late great Aaliyah, but you can tell are still her own.  As she sings about a playful fantasy of inviting somebody to come touch and give her all, “her body”, and the way her beautifully smooth voice just calmly puts you in a daze, while also soothing your soul and heart, is like no other.  A voice that’s so recognizable and such a signature sound, you can tell is hers as soon as you hear it for the very first time. Sinéad herself explaining the following in a statement about the new single, “I was inspired by finding myself in a situation I wasn’t ready to leave, but that had to end.  GRADES always seems to nr around when something dramatic like that is going on.  He started playing the ‘Body’ chords & the song came straight away.  Conceptually it was a fantasy but in reality it was a ‘goodbye’ song for me.”  The very sultry new song, is one of those classic soulfully sultry slow jams that as soon as you hear the densely delicate sultry chords and Harnett’s beautifully sultry soothing vocals, you know is a timeless classic that will make many people either lose their virginity and/or get somebody pregnant.