KXNG CROOKED Lets His, Pain Away, On Newest Weekly

We have reached Week 10 and KXNG CROOKED continues to kill many instrumentals and styles at a rapid pace for his latest installment of, The Weeklys.  This time pouring all his heart, emotions and pain away in the very appropriately titled, Pain Away.  Which is a very dope Dizz-produced flip of the late great 2Pac’s Above the Rim classic, Pain.  Not only his most personal Weekly to date, but one of his most personal records of his career, it finds Crook venting his pain away on all the loved ones he has lost throughout his life and the many different ways.  Whether it be cancer, senseless violence or any other way, it has hit him and is quite appropriate with how this record in particular is just the latest to show the many different great styles of the Long Beach rep and what makes him a truly great emcee, that’s easily one of the best emcees not only now, but to ever do it period.