Mysonne Drops More Jewels On Family Feud Freestyle

Bronx emcee, Mysonne, has dropped plenty of jewels of knowledge over the last few years.  With last year being one of the emceee and activists biggest years yet and as we near the end of the first month of 2018, Mys drops plenty more jewels on his latest freestyle over JAY-Z’s classic, Family Feud instrumental.  Touching on everything from The Grammys using Jay for ratings, to the continued fight over social justice for all and how the protest of not watching football will rage on for many even during the Super Bowl.  Hitting on several other topics of how society tries to paint a bad picture of so many black fathers, that isn’t always true.  Most of this last verse really hit home most for me.  “If you never had to stand alone and move faithfully, against the grain.  Than you probably don’t relate to me.  I’m still here cause my Momma had to pray for me.  Faith the only thing that they ain’t take away from me.  I woke the fire, I didn’t wait till it was safe for me.”  Cause it shows how much struggle he had to go through and still even now, still has to somewhat go through to get to where he is and how me and so many others can relate to that daily struggle to just get by and rise higher more faithfully.  Which is why he’s one of my favorite emcees.