New Tinashe – Superlove

Tinashe - Superlove single cover

Very talented and beautiful R&B/Pop singer/songwriter Tinashe delivers her latest single, Superlove, a day ahead of it’s originally scheduled Friday July 15th release.  A very sexy record that’s produced by the unstoppable hitmaking production/writing team of The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, which is sure to tear up the radio, dance clubs and bedrooms with it’s very immensely catchy hook.  The sure to be hit, that is also the perfect summertime record even has a hint of that sleek 80s or 90s pop nostalgia, which makes you want to hit the dance floor for a good time and looking that much more forward to when the video for it comes out and how it can really bring it to life.  The record also has the Los Angeles native looking for a love that she is sure will make her man never want to leave her and even unexpectedly rapping midway through, while playfully describing a lot of the things she would do if she gave him that type of super love.  One that (would fulfill most men’s dreams/fantasy, myself included of having a type of love with Tinashe that) would make him want to stay with her forever.  Listen below, as the L.A. songstress plays with most men’s emotions and look for the full release of Superlove across all digital platforms later tonight and Tinashe’s long-delayed and highly anticipated sophomore album, Joyride, which is expected to drop later this Fall.

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