Nicole Bus Brings The Rain In Premiere Of Beautifully Emotional & Cinematic New Video

Rising breakout Dutch singer and songwriter, Nicole Bus, dropped what was not only one of the best albums of last year as we alluded to with our recent Top Albums of the Year list, but one of the best albums of the last decade and better debut albums you will ever hear with, KAIROS.  Keeping momentum from the album going and set to go on her first headlining tour with, The Arise Tour, kicking off next month the Roc Nation artist premieres today the very beautifully emotional and cinematic new video for what’s easily the best record on the album, Rain.

The very beautifully emotional and cinematic amazing new visual finds Bus making a phone call on a toll phone line outside a dinner with of course rain drops falling in part of it.  After first sitting in the dinner and reminiscing about the great times she had in a former relationship, as she unfolds napkins with messages, as well as some of the beautifully emotional lyrics she sings and belts with her truly beautifully soulful smooth and sultry voice.

The truly beautiful, cinematic and refreshing sounds of the record truly brought to life even more with the just as beautifully, emotional and cinematic new visual.  That plays like a mini-movie with a couple of the plot twists at the end you have to see to believe.  By far one of the best pieces of art and visuals you will see in some time, Nicole really puts the ART in artist with this one and makes a record that was already a fan favorite by me and so many others, just when you thought it couldn’t be, loved even more.  Also proving yet again why she has easily become part of maybe only a handful or two of upcoming artists that have easily become among my favorites with the way they’re truly able to bring their amazing ART to life through both their music and visuals.  Which you have to watch the whole visual to get all of the great and amazing concept that’s so cinematic and beautiful.