Google applies for over 100 gTLDs, while Apple applies for only one

Google announced earlier that it had applied for a number of generic top-level-domains (gTLDs) including .lol, .youtube, and more. Now we know the entire list of the first round of gTLD applications, as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has revealed the names of the 1,930 applications for gTLDs.

gTLDs were first approved last year, with applications opening up in mid-January. These can be customized to be anything an applicant wants, including .lol. So, if you are used to seeing a site called, you could see a site named

The full list of this round of applications is available here.

The applications will be reviewed and processed by ICANN, 500 at a time. Over half of them, or 1,000, could be live within a year. The first of the gTLDs will go live in Q1 of 2013.

As expected, many of the gTLD applications were done to protect trademarks. You’ll see .abc, applied for by Disney, which owns the American Broadcasting Company. You’ll see .aaa applied for by AAA. And you’ll see .aarp applied for by AARP.

Apple applied for .apple. However, that is the only gTLD it applied for. Meanwhile, Google applied for more than 100 gTLDs including: .android, .dog, .blog and the aforementioned .lol. Microsoft has applied for a total of 11 domain names, including .Xbox, .Hotmail, and .Windows.

Meanwhile, one gTLD has a lot of attention, something ICANN will have to sort through.
.app has been applied for by 13 applicants including Google and

Each of these applications cost the applicant $185,000. Once they have the domain name, a company will have to pay $25,000 annually to keep it.