[EDITORIAL] Mobile Armageddon: Part 3- The Wrap Up


Samsung and Google’s Galaxy Nexus event has wrapped and I can’t help but think that Google and Samsung are about to dominate the rest of this year and Q1 of next year. Not to mention Motorola and Android as a whole. Some sure fire devices were released today and I also can’t help but feel just a wee bit bad for all of those iOS and iPhone 4S fan(atics). On second thought… NAH!… I don’t feel bad for them at all. I’ve been saying since its inception that the iPhone was nothing more than an APP LAUNCHER and the devices announced today proves it. For our earlier announcement on the Motorola Droid RAZR go here.

As for the Galaxy Nexus… What else can I say? The specs really do speak for themselves. That gorgeous 4.65inch screen. That killer facial recognition tech. The deep, deep intergration between your contacts and social networking. That killer camera. And Ice Cream Sandwich!… It truly has a Geek like me salivating. I could go on and on but why not check the specs here.
We also had RIM show off its new BBX platform(the best of its Blackberry and Playbook QNX OS thrown together) and Apple’s less than stellar but they still made a dumpster full of dough earnings call but in all honesty, that stuff was paint drying on the wall boring and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear about it so I won’t bore you(and I REALLY MEAN BORE YOU) with the details. I’d hate to be charged as an accessory because one of our loyal readers dropped dead of boredom. Really, I’m looking out for you here.

November is sure going to be a rocking month for Verizon. Especially since these two handsets are Big Red exclusive in the US for the time being. Almost makes me wish I was on VZW right about now. The boss(Mr. Fokus for the uninitiated) sure is a lucky guy! That’s it for Mobile Armageddon. See you folks around. And remember to keep “Your World In HHD“.

About The Author

Kamil M Abdullah has been a self proclaimed techie and bonafide smart phone expert nearly half of his life. Starting with the very first Sidekick(not necessarily a smart phone but close enough) to Blackberry to Symbian to Windows(Mobile & Phone 7) to Web OS to Android, he has used virtually every smart phone operating system. Kamil has also worked with computer programming in Bloomberg's Data Center and Backup Operations on their proprietary software. In his quest for further knowledge in mobile operating systems, Kamil voraciously devours any reading material on the subject he can find. Kamil is also a hip hop head to the fullest, having fallen in love with the art form from the very first "a hip hop the hibby to the hibby the hip hip the hop" and tr808 beat. He promises to use his vast powers and knowledge only for the good of mankind.