Wi-Fi and Mobile Service Coming To New York Subway Stations

Looks like NYC commuters will finally be getting what they have wanted for the longest.  After an almost three-year delay, work is set to begin on a $200 million plan to bring mobile- phone and Wi-Fi service to New York’s subway stations.

In a rare occasion of subway-related news that won’t make you groan, Wi-Fi and mobile service will soon be coming to the New York subway system. Transit Wireless LLC, a group of wireless and construction companies working with New York transit on the project, has generated the funding necessary to move forward with the $200 million plan. The installation of “smoke detector-size antennas” will begin in six stations within the next two months, and stations will likely be outfitted with wireless and mobile service capabilities at a rate of 10 to 15 per month. While for the most part this is great news, it does mean that the trusty “Sorry, I was on the subway” excuse for delayed text responses will no longer fly. –New York Magazine