UMI Delivers Beautifully Joyous Debut Lollapalooza Performance

UMI, is one of the most beautifully talented rising stars to emerge in R&B/Soul over the past five to six years. Her beautifully amazing debut Lollapalooza performance on the Bacardi stage for the final day of Lollapalooza 2023 in Chicago’s Grant Park, just further proof of it.

The beautifully talented rising singer decked in a white t-shirt and matching long white skirt. Starting towards the beginning of her set with sorry and too late from her critically-acclaimed debut album, Forest in the City, she released last year. So beautifully transitioning as she then went into, Lullaby. Swaying and singing so beautifully before going into, everything will be alright, from that album.

The growing crowd despite all the mud, continuing to grow more and more throughout the beginning of her set to the very end. Which, UMI, herself noticed and mentioned how much she appreciated it was cause of the rain from earlier going away and the sun coming out.

UMI, would pick up the tempo. As she mentioned about how when she first started she would do covers of songs. That she loved and if was alright with the crowd if she did one of them. Which they of course said, ”Yeah!” So, UMI, then doing her beautifully uptempo cover of Corinne Bailey Rae’s classic record, Put Your Records On. Which she so beautifully sang and the crowd sang along with, UMI. As she jumped down from the stage in the crowd towards the end letting her mic to the crowd. Asking someone, ”Hey you in the crowd, do you want to sing with me? Do you want to sing along?” Which they did.

As, UMI, went back up on stage. She proceeded to ask the crowd if they can put their hands up in a fist and when she told them. If they can just let it go. As she then went into her beautifully amazing record, Butterfly. Before so smoothly transitioning into her just as beautifully amazing record, Remember Me.

UMI, would then proceed to mention about her new record, happy i’m. That is coming out later this week and for everyone to support. Which she wanted to mention and thank everyone for their continued support before she closed out her set. Closing out with, whatever you like. The crowd so beautifully singing along with, UMI. As they waved their hands from side to side while she moved from side to side along the stage. Both, UMI, and the crowd so joyfully clapping, singing and dancing along. That was the perfect way to close out such a beautifully joyous debut Lollapalooza performance. Which I’m sure is the first of many more Lollapalooza performances from her to come in and in an even more primetime slot.