Joey Bada$$ Delivers Amazingly Stellar Lollapalooza Performance & Brings Out Surprise Guest, Chance The Rapper

As we reached the fourth and final day of Lollapalooza 2023. Many fans had to trudge through muds and poodles. That were still present in Chicago’s world-famous Grant Park. From not only Saturday, but still much of Sunday. By the time Joey Bada$$ hit the Tito’s Handmade Vodka stage for his early evening set. Though cause it was by an actual stage area with little to no grass, some got lucky that they didn’t hit it as much. Which is why I think it was also among the most packed crowds of the four days.

Joey’s performance was definitely well worth it too. As decked in a plain white t-shirt with beige cargo pants and black bandana. He gave one of the most stunningly amazing sets of the whole four days. Going through many of his classics such as Paper Trail$, Christ Conscious and Love Is Only a Feeling. With such ease and showmanship. His mic presence among the best you will probably ever see.

As Joey continued to go through more and more of his stellar raps. Such as Survival Tactics, Brand New 911 and Show Me. He showed why he is not only among the best emcees and rappers alive. But also one of the most versatile there is. With how his able to make straight rap songs, but also make ones catered to his female fanbase like, Show Me. The way he is able to go up to the mic to rap and sing the verses like a singer would. Showing that.

Joey would show love to all the great rappers from Nipsey Hu$$le to XXXTENTCION, and his Pro Era group mate, Capital Steez. As some of the many fallen soldiers in Hip-Hop. Before going into his very reflective track, Head High. That was inspired by tragedies like that. Which much of the crowd knew and why they rapped and sang the verses along with Joey so seamlessly.

The very talented Brooklyn emcee would ask the crowd which he said was one of the best he has seen. If anybody was actually from Chicago. If so. If it was alright for him to bring out one of his Chicago friends. To which the crowd said, ”Yes!” While also trying to figure out who he would be bringing out. Chance the Rapper then emerging and performing his hit single, No Problem. With the crowd so energetically rapping and singing along. Right before Joey and Chance then proceeded to perform their collaboration, The Highs & the Lows. That same energy and enthusiasm still going.

Joey would then proceed to close with what is still one of his most recognized tracks, DEVASTATED. Showing how easily he could rap with the best of anybody. While also not being overshadowed by bringing out Chance as a guest performer prior to that. With his stellar set Joey showed that he is not only one of the best emcees and rappers alive, but one of the most talented and best performers in all of Hip-Hop too.